WordPress is so amazing that it is hard to describe. If you have never used it before you may not know what all of this is about. We are going to let you know about this incredible service and how you can get started on it. It has changed the way the internet is consumed and written. It is a very powerful tool to get your content out fast and in a very reliable and cost-effective way. Let us go ahead and get started on this incredible journey of discovery of a great new asset for you.

What is WordPress?

Generally, if we ask google what is WordPress? Google will answer it’s a CMS(Content Management System), But here we discuss WordPress in a different way WordPress has grown so much since it started that it is a really great thing to see. At its core, it is still the same service that it has been providing for years what makes it the great tool that it is. This is a great asset to have at hand if you need your written content online. Having your words on the internet use to be much harder than it is today. That is in great part thanks to WordPress. They provide a way for you to publish your content online, mostly for free. This is a great asset for you to showcase your work or publish your thoughts. We are going to take a look now at all the features that you can choose from when you decide to go with their services.

What use would you have for a service like this?

There are many things that your own page or blog could be used for. WordPress offers four main options. The way you fill it up with content is, of course, up to you. We are going to detail those options here for you.

  1. Blog
    This option is best suited for those looking to publish their thoughts online. Regular posting is always recommended while blogging. Everything you publish in WordPress will stay up there until you decide to change it or remove it. They will automatically index and archive all of your posts. They will be visible to search engines, too. This is another great thing about publishing your blog on WordPress
  2. Business
    This option is meant for you to showcase your business. You can build a page for your product or service. Perhaps even a company website that showcases whatever it is you do. WordPress works with their own domain names, but they will also use your own custom domain. You can purchase one from them or migrate your own into their service. That is a great detail to keep in mind if you go with this option. It will make a big difference in terms of performance and professional feel.
  3. Portfolio
    You have the option of using WordPress to showcase your work. In today’s world having an online portfolio is becoming more and more of a requirement. Paper is going away fast in this regard. If you choose WordPress you can use one of their many templates. You can rest assured that your portfolio will be always available for anyone to see. Also, it will work well and be well designed for mobile screens. You can literally save many hours by using WordPress.
  4. Online Store
    This last option is only available for you if you decide to go with one of the paid subscription options that we are going to describe bellow. It is a really great way to start moving your products online without having to worry about security and a lot of other concerns that come with this type of site. You will be able to start selling in minutes if you already have gathered all the material you need to make your products available.

What are the important details to keep in mind?

There are a few things to consider here.
First of all, you will find that WordPress offers several options in terms of paid subscriptions. These offer a lot of choices for you and if you are inclined to use this service in a paid way you should look into them carefully. There are some good deals here, but you may not need to spend money to get what you want out of this service. If you are unsure we would recommend that you get started for free and build from there. In that way, you can get to know the site and find out if paying for extra services is something you would need.

The dashboard that you get once you complete the process of building your first site is very feature-rich. You should spend some time getting to know it because it will empower you to manage a lot of aspects of your online presence in WordPress. Keep this in mind after you are done with our tutorial.

One last consideration is the fact that WordPress provides templates for you to get started quickly. If you want your site to have a distinct look you will have to go a bit further than the regular templates, though. You can get started with one of the free templates and later on consider to move to a more customized option.

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