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You need your WordPress site up and running quickly and we can help. Do you want to install WordPress and theme on your WordPress website and make it looks exactly like Demo Website / Live Preview ? and get an online presence for your business?


1: WordPress Installed to your domain/URL

2: Install Your WordPress Theme

3: Make Your Site Look Like the Demo

We’ll set-up and configure your WordPress site just like your theme’s demo

We’ll install and set up a plugin that will make it easy for you to maintain.

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Item support includes:
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Theme Installation
  • Theme Demo Installation
  • Database Creation
  • Required Plugin Installation
However, item support does not include:
  • Customization Services
  • Customization Unique Content


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Last Update: November 21, 2019
Relased: October 26, 2019
Documentation: No
What you have to provide? Wp-admin login details (if already wordpress installed) Cpanel login details Your theme files